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American Defenders of
Bataan & Corregidor
Memorial Society


During the April 2007 National Convention of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (ADBC) asked the Descendants Group (DG) to take an increasingly active role in putting on the conventions, culminating in 2010 when the DG took full responsibility for the convention. Since then, we have changed our name to the ADBC-Memorial Society to better reflect our mission and we have developed a tax-exempt status, mission statement, and by-laws. The official name of the organization is the "ADBC-Memorial Society".

The organization’s ultimate purpose /mission will be related to educating Americans about the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and the experiences of the men and women who subsequently became Japanese prisoners of war.Filipinos Throw Food to Bataan Death Marchers, Ben Steele

All relatives and friends of ex-POWs are welcome and encouraged to become involved in this new group to help us begin a new organization that will carry on the legacy of these exceptional men and women.

Dues have not increased since the ADBC Memorial Society was organized in 2008. To bring the budget in line with expenses," Jan said, "we find it necessary to increase our annual dues beginning 2018 for new and continued membership. "Membership is renewable annually beginning January,” she announced.  

As always, POWS and Widows will not pay dues and will continue to receive their copy of the Quan through the USPS.

 Beginning January 1, 2018, Individual membership dues will be $40 per year including an emailed copy of the Quan newsletter. If you prefer hard copies of the Quan delivered through the USPS, membership will be $50 per person. Membership per couple for an emailed copy of the Quan will be $60 annually; hard copies are $70 per couple. Student memberships are $10 for students K-8; $20 for high school and college. Grad students will be $25.

To become a member, either complete your membership application on the Membership page, or download and complete the form below and send it with a check made payable to "ADBC-Memorial" to our Treasurer, Judy Pruitt at:

Judy Pruitt
23 Elwell Road
Jamaica Plain, MA   02130

Only with your help and participation, will we accomplish the goals we have set for our fledgling organization.

Jan Thompson
President, ADBC-Memorial Society

2022 Download Membership Form (PDF)

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