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American Defenders of
Bataan & Corregidor
Memorial Society

Rosters & Research
We apologize that links to the West Point POW pages are broken; we're awaiting word as to when they will be updated.


192nd Tank Battalion, Company B

Courtesy, Proviso (Illinois) East High School 

5th Air Base Group Overseas

Courtesy, Ray C. Heimbuch

Fourth Marines, Repatriated

Courtesy, Martin Christie 

Bilibid Transfer Rosters

Courtesy, Robert Hudson

Hellships with Sailing Dates Listed

Courtesy, Gregory F. Michno

Hellship Rosters

Courtesy, John Lewis

Arisan Maru

courtesy Bill Bowen

Oryoku Maru

slow loading tabular roster (easier to read)

courtesy Jim Erickson

Oryoku Maru

faster loading csv roster 

courtesy Jim Erickson

Shinyo Maru

courtesy Jim Erickson

Hellship rosters available at Jim Erickson's POWs of the Japanese

Kyushu Camp 17, Signatures on Parachute

Courtesy, Roy Hayes, 4th Marines, 1st Btn.,“D” Co. 

National Guard 194th Tank Battalion

Courtesy, Monterey County Historical Society 

New Mexico's Men of Bataan, 200th CA & 515th Coast Artillery

Bataan Memorial Museum and Memorial Foundation of NM

Note: Click on "200th/515th CA (AA) Names" in the left column.

Palawan Massacre

Courtesy, Fold3.com


We offer research links and are always happy to add more. Please let us know.

The Journey of the Philippines Archive Collection

Nurses in the Philippines

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